16 songs about water from Melani Cholie & friends

my inspiration

Since some time I am using the internet to interchange my talent and experience with my musicfriends all over the world. In changing collaborations we already created many songs together. Some virtual bands had been founded thru this,  and in the meantime one is able to listen to most of these bands on the known platforms, where music is sold.

In summer 2018 I heard a podcast about lack of water in Cape Town, and from this moment on I wanted to produce a CD about water by  involving  these international musicfriends and bands. Half a year later we were proud to call this CD  ready and we hope you will like it and give it a listen and maybe buy.


about this CD

This CD is dedicated to water,
which for sure is the most prescious resource, along with air- as both are essential to sustain life of every kind.

To realize this CD and project, I invited my music making friends in 16 countries from around the world to join me in this experiment. They were all generous enough to provide me 2 minute instrumental tracks. For the lyrics, I decided to use mainly poems written by famous poets,  to add (beneath the ones which were penned by myself) one of my friend Janice Zamb, who was this generous to take part in this project too.

CD history

I heard that in Cape Town, people are suffering from a lack of water after years of drought.  Among the many restrictions designed to curb the effects of the drought, an ordinance was passed that limited people to shower every other day, and only for two minutes. In response to this restriction, a few of the bands down there recorded songs to help people time out their short 2 minute showers… that idea provided me with the inspiration for this project. I wanted to learn how to create a 2 minute song and see if it was possible to make it a good song, given the short 2 minute constraint.




If you buy this CD in hardware, you receive additionally a booklet with beautiful fotographs of young Berlin artist  Klara Johanna Michel ! With your money (and this is as well related to the digital version of this CD) you support a water project in Ethiopia, where solar pumps are used to receive clean water. Find some information on our FB page, which we will update with some pictures soon.


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THANK YOU very much for supporting this project by buying either this hardware CD or download the songs on Amazon, itunes, youtube, Tidal, Spotify or on various other platforms where one can buy music